For the children it is a day to show appreciation for all that a father has done for them, although they may not realize the extent.

For the father it is a day of reflection.  It is one day out of the year to evaluate your performance.  In a world of trials and tribulations with your personal challenges, there is no such thing as a perfect father. In fact far from it.

On Father’s Day the accolades may be bestowed on the father but he is appreciative of the entire support system.  It starts with the mother. It branches out to the family. Friends, especially those with children, also affect their upbringing.

The school system, teachers, coaches, teammates, schoolmates, friends and even the neighborhood are a part of the maine.

It takes a community. “It takes a Village.”

The Importance of Community

This Father’s Day,
become a person in the community or village
who takes a stand for
better health.

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