Max357TM supports the body’s daily function by supplying three different kinds of essential fatty acids – Omega 3, Omega 5, and Omega 7.

Essential fatty acids have proven positive effects on heart health and brain function – making them a necessary part of the human diet. Modern diets often do not provide enough good fatty acids for the body to function as well as it should, which is why many doctors and scientists highly recommend taking Omega oil supplements on a daily basis.

General Description

The benefits of  fatty acids 

Fatty acids are an essential part of human nutrition and are absolutely required for a healthy body. Humans used to secure much of their fatty acid intake through regular diet, but today our intake of fatty acids has fallen for two reasons:

1 – Faulty research has led to public fear about how consuming any kind of fat can lead to weight gain and health problems, pushing us to reduce our overall fat intake – including healthy fats.

2- Food manufacturers have removed fats from processed foods, but replaced them with either sugar or unhealthy saturated fats as way to improve taste and texture.

There are actually many kinds of fatty acids, and the beneficial ones have proven benefits for cardiovascular system, skin care, brain function, and the metabolic system. Our proprietary 3-5-7 blend of Omega oils has been specially designed to support 

the upkeep of your body and mind by offering a complementary combination that provides your body the resources it requires to function at optimal levels. 

Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are recognized as one of the best studied nutritional supplements. More than 11,000 papers attest to many benefits of Omega 3, specifically the acids EPA and DHA.  EPA and DHA have been shown to deliver benefits for heart health and brain function and promoting healthy child development.

Another type of Omega 3, Alpha Linolenic Acid, is sourced from plants and supplements the effects of EPA and DHA by working to reduce the effects of high blood pressure.

Omega 5 fatty acids

Omega 5 is the only known botanical source of Punicic Acid, a very potent antioxidant. Omega 5’s antioxidant level exceeds that of grape seed extract and has shown positive effects on cell repair, digestion, and skin care.

Omega 7 fatty acids

Palmitoleic Acid is an Omega 7 fatty acid that has benefits for heart health, insulin sensitivity, moisture replenishment of mucosal membranes, and anti-aging effects for skin, hair and nails

Healthy and Sustainable

Max357 uses Norwegian cod oil for its Omega 3 fatty acids content.  Norwegian wild cod stocks are the largest and most sustainable in any ocean and cod is considered the healthiest fish in the world – one of the best resources of pure Omega 3. The fish used in Max357 is recognized by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as a product that obtains its fish in a sustainable way, ensuring that fish stocks aren’t overfished. The blue MSC eco label identifies products that contribute the health of our ocean resources by adhering to 3 principles:

  1. Fish only at sustainable levels
  2. Fisheries minimize environmental impacts
  3. Effective fishery management that adheres to national and international laws

Product Benefits

Cardiovascular health

Helps to normalize lipid profiles, improve cholesterol levels, promote circulation and healthy vascular function.*  

Cellular health

Helps to maintain cell membrane integrity and fluidity, also provides key nutrients for cell signaling.

Brain and nerve health

Helps protect against oxidation of brain and nerve cells.*

Insulin resistance

Improves glucose uptake, glucose utilization, and insulin sensitivity.

Skin care

Supports moisture replenishment of mucosal membranes, providing anti-aging benefits for skin, hair and nails.

Satiety and weight management

Helps to improves satiety and supports fat metabolism.


Helps to maintain healthy eyes*

*requires daily intake of 250mg EPA & DHA