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The Important of Glutathione to Oenology

Alcohol is the most heavily consumed toxin in the world & in the U.S. it is the #1 disease burden. We can change that. We can create A Brand New World.Oenology is the science of wine and winemaking. Without oenophiles, wines would not be appreciated or consumed. Glutathione plays a vital role for wine lovers although many of them are not aware of it yet.

All health begins at the cellular level. If you keep your cells healthy, you stay healthy. Glutathione is the key to cellular health…Herbert T. Nagasawa Ph.D., Creator of Riboceine.

Glutathione is produced in all your cells and primarily in the major organs to keep one healthy. lutathione, among its many functions is the primary detoxification pathway in the body but it is also important for enhancing the immune system and the foundation of the antioxidant defense system to prevent oxidative stress. The enjoyment of wine begins in the nose and the mouth and the effects of alcohol occur in the bloodstream. There are 3 major detoxification pathways for alcohol.

The primary one involves enzymes in two phases. In this pathway when alcohol reaches the liver, the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase metabolizes alcohol into a smaller compound called acetaldehyde which is 30 times more poisonous than alcohol and a carcinogen. In Phase 2, another enzyme, acetaldehyde dehydrogenase metabolizes acetaldehyde into acetic acid so that it can now be eliminated from the body. The increase in metabolism with acute and chronic alcohol consumption increases free radical production and depletes glutathione levels leading to oxidative stress.

Alcohol drains glutathione faster than anything…Dr. Don Colbert, NY Times Best Selling Author.

With alcohol reaction flush, the drinker’s liver is actually very efficient in the Phase 1 detoxification of alcohol. However, the body lacks sufficient acetaldehyde dehydrogenase to remove the acetaldehyde which dilates the blood vessels and the
face becomes flushed. This is a gene deficiency most common in East Asians. People without the gene deficiency can build up their ability to produce acetaldehyde dehydrogenase which is why regular drinkers can develop a higher tolerance for alcohol. It is also one of the reasons light to moderate drinkers suffer
the most from symptoms of hangovers. Their bodies aren’t able to produce enough of this enzyme.


Figure 2 Source- Cellular Health Foundation

The ability to produce glutathione declines as we age, but around the age of 40, the decline increases rapidly. That is why older oenophiles say that although they still enjoy wine they are not able to drink very much
any longer.




Figure 1 Source-FDA Website

The natural decline in glutathione is accentuated by lifestyle. Combining one or
more of the glutathione depleting agents with alcohol will increase glutathione
deficiency. There is one product called Blowfish which is a combination of caffeine
and aspirin, both counter-productive to detoxification.

1. Our Science is Second to None
1) The science of glutathione is inarguable with over 103,000 studies.
2) Riboceine is a proprietary scientific breakthrough supplement, the key ingredient of Cellgevity. The lead scientist for the discovery of this supplement is Herbert T. Nagasawa Ph.D. who was the Senior Editor of
the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry for 32 years and the Director of the Research Facilities at the University of Minnesota and the V.A. for 37 years with 165 peer-reviewed studies. He had 9 Ph.D.’s under his
supervision and five collaborations. They spent over 20 years on this research because they knew the Key to Health, Wellness, and Longevity was to find a method of increasing glutathione levels effectively and
3) There are 22 research studies on Riboceine that validate its efficacy.
4) One of these studies shows that Riboceine is 300% more effective than N-acetalcysteine (NAC), the 2nd leading precursor for glutathione.
5) Oral glutathione is not bioavailable which means it’s not effective for increasing glutathione levels.
6) Our products are Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG) certified as drug free so Olympians may safely take our products.

2. Comparisons to Other Ingredients
1) Riboceine is 300% more effective than NAC and has no known side effects.
2) NAC can have side effects such as nausea and rashes above certain quantities.
3) Curcumin is the active constituent in Turmeric. It aids in the synthesis of glutathione but is not bioavailable without black pepper extract (Bioperine) and needs cysteine to increase glutathione levels. Cellgevity contains all 3 ingredients plus 9 others.
4) Other natural ingredients such as prickly pear are nutritious but do not have the science nor does it provide for glutathione production.

3. The Superior Experience
· Taking 2 capsules is convenient and unobtrusive.
· It does not detract from the enjoyment of wine with unwanted flavors
and tastes.
FDA Website

4. Additional Benefits of Glutathione
· Toxins Removed from Their Body
· A Strengthened Immune System
· More Energy
· Greater Mental Acuity & Focus
· More Stamina & Endurance
· Faster Recovery from Exercise
· Less Inflammation
· Reduced Joint Discomfort
· Better Sleep
· Less Oxidative Stress
· Live Better & Longer
The reverse is true with glutathione deficiency!

5. FDA Disclaimer: (required by all dietary supplements including multivitamins):
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. ZZZ$OFRKRO* only use science.

6. Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
The advantage is that any wine distributor, winery, winemaker, or oenophile can become a distributor of a product line that will grow. They can sell it in their venue or sign up customers online. It is not allowed in box stores or on auction sites. Those selling Max products on are violating
company policy and can be terminated or are criminal elements using stolen credit cards.

7. Other Products
1) MaxATP

Provides clean energy at the cellular level & contains Riboceine. 5 Hour1 Red Bull1 Monster1 Pit Bull1 Serving Size 2 oz 2 oz 12 oz 8 oz 8 oz Fuels ATP Production2 Yes No No No No RiboCeineTM Yes No No No No
Calories 12 4 160 100 110 Carbohydrates 3 0 40 27 27 Caffeine 32 138 120 160 80 Energy Drink Comparisons
1. The information on 5 Hour, Red Bull, Monster & Pit Bull was found on the internet and has not been
2. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not
intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.
2) MaxNFuze
Provides the daily requirements for vitamins & antioxidants with only 3
grams of fructose.


The will revolutionize the wine industry. Not only will users feel better the next morning, they will be healthier. Older oenophiles will continue to enjoy their wine as they age and be healthier also. Throughout history, alcohol has been the most heavily consumed toxin and in the U.S. it is the #1 disease burden. This is primarily due to acetaldehyde toxicity and glutathione deficiency. What can be more convenient yet so vital as taking 2 capsules to ensure not only the enjoyment of the wine experience but the after effects as well? Glutathione enhancement is very important to oenophiles. We are heading into A

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